Flower trips in Malá Fatra National Park

National Park Malá Fatra is a very diverse and miscellaneous mountain range. Many various vegetation types are spread on such a small area in mosaics along the altitudinal gradient and according to geological bedrock, orientation and relief. The species diversity and the uniqueness of the regional flora is a result of specific evolution of vegetation during the postglacial era, as well as during the last centuries, conditioned by Walachian colonisation. These facts, together with the specific position within high mountain ranges of the Central Carpathians (Krivánska Malá Fatra Mts is the most north-western mountain range and hence the first wind-breaking barrier to strong north-western winds), miscellaneous geological bedrock and landscape heterogeneity contribute to an exceptional variability of natural ecosystems in the area.

From the beginning of the vegetation season (May) to its ending (September), there are many aspects concerning the blossom of plants and occurrence of plant communities in optimal stage. Our trips in these gorgeous mountains are divided into few parts in different time of the year.

The main ridge of the Malá Fatra Mts is achievable by aerial tramway from the Vrátna dolina Valley.

1 Early yellow-blue spring aspect Tour date: late May
2 Early yellow-white-violet summer aspect Tour date: end of June/beginning of July
3 Middle summer aspect of different colors Tour date: end of July
4 Early red-violet autumn aspect Tour date: end of August